Why A Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit Is Preferred Over A Refrigerant System

Chilled water fan coil unit

A Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit Is Preferred Over A Refrigerant System

Are you confused about choosing between a water fan coil and a refrigerant? If yes, then this blog is the solution to your problem. A refrigerant system may be suitable for few projects, but they are not that workable. Alternatively, a chilled water fan coil unit is a go-to option. With this, everything is connected to a centrally located hydronic chiller and the heat pump or boiler. They are mostly placed on the roof to increase the amount of usable space.

Chilled water fan coil systems require:

  • A two-pipe model
  • A four-type model

A two-pipe model is for cooling only, while a four-pipe model is for both heating and cooling. Within the construction sector, the quality of indoor air and the occupant become a big topic to focus on. With the advanced and the existing developments, cooling is becoming necessary and is also improving. When you are specifying a system, it is vital to select the systems with the best solutions, like:

  • Futureproof
  • Carry reduced risks
  • Support towards more sustainable buildings

When you are unclear in your choices in choosing between a water fan coil system and a refrigerant, there are some aspects to consider. These aspects will affect your choice and help you choose the right one.

A fan coil unit is a unit that uses a fan and a coil to heat or cool a room. If you want to get this, get in touch with

fan coil unit manufacturers. Below are some factors to consider while you make your choice for cooling systems.

Restrictions of Buildings:

While using a refrigerant for a building, there are restrictions on how much refrigerant a building can contain. In this case, chilled water fan coil systems are the most feasible option for buildings. With the use of water-based systems, they are easy to use and provide a relaxing environment.

chilled water fan coil unit


Most refrigerants require either a leakage detection system or inspection of joints regularly. Both of these can be costly for you. As compared to refrigerants, chilled water coil systems use the inert liquid. This eliminates the need for any additional requirements.


Refrigerants often have a high global warming potential (GWP). As in the construction industry, people move for more sustainable buildings, use a system that reduces this. A suitable choice is to use chilled water fan coil systems. These only use refrigerant in the main plant and also utilize smaller quantities.

The size of the Building:

Once a refrigerant reaches its maximum distance for a single pipe run, this requires a plant room. Medium and large systems require many condensers, and these require extra space internally and on the roof. A hydronic system operates from a single chiller unit that is piped centrally to the roof. This system can be considered as this is ideal in terms of space.

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