Fan Coil Unit Maintenance

A fan coil unit (FCU) is a device that cools or heats a room through a fan and coil. In this blog we are discussing what they are, their work process, and how to do fan coil unit maintenance from the eyes of one of the best fan coil unit manufacturers.

Here is a close look at a fan coil unit.

What is a Fan Coil Unit (FCU)?

There are different types of FCU. A few FCUs work through ducting while others don’t. Similarly, some FCUs are considered part of the air handler system while others are not. Sometimes they come in horizontal and vertical configurations that could be ceiling mounted, floor mounted, or fixed within a wall.

Several fan coil units are designed for independent working; however, a few are tied-in as an HVAC system’s part. FCUs can be connected to a structure’s automation system inclusive of a thermostat and can be managed on a computer or through a central panel.

Working on a Fan Coil Unit?

  • Initially, a fan extracts air into the unit.
  • Then, the fan throws the air over a heating or cooling coil.
  • The fan coils are either heated with hot water (electricity in a few cases) or cooled with chilled water.
  • Now, the air automatically comes out of the unit either warmer or cooler than before.

Note: the above-mentioned process can a bit different depending on the FCU (either the fan coil unit has two or four pipes).

The fan coil units are massive when you have several small spaces that need individual control. They are also inclined towards coming in at a lower cost point compared to traditional systems. Also, it can be installed as less invasive.

Seeing the negative side, the fan coil units are not as powerful as traditional systems. Also, FCUs lend themselves to cooling and heating large open spaces. They also need hot and chilled water valves that can be a problem for maintenance.

General Tips

  • Before doing any type of maintenance on your FCU, you must follow procedures of a proper lockout. In this way, the FCU will not be operational while being maintained or serviced.
  • Do inspect the inner or outer part of the fan coil unit and remove dust or debris. Make sure to erase dust from the blades and motor. Dust continually builds on the blades and can cause them to become unbalanced.
  • Change the unit’s filter each time you do preventative maintenance.
  • Oil tubes must be lubricated with a non-detergent oil of 20-weight to assure all movable parts are moving freely. Avoid lubricating ball bearings.
  • If your fan coil unit does not contain oil tubes, then see your function manual for instructions regarding lubrication.
  • Replace cracked, dry, or worn down belts.
  • If coils need cleaning, remove blower assemblies and brush in-between fins. Now follow up by vacuuming the fins. Alternatively use a compressed air system for blowing air through the fan coil fins from the exiting air face.

If the fan coil’s motor is vibrating, making odd sounds, or not functioning at all, contact a technician for additional repairs.

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