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4 Tips to Choose the Right Chiller Service Company

Choosing an industrial air conditioner chiller supplier that provides chiller service is important to your investment. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a supplier to get new equipment or seeking an organization to maintain your existing air conditioner Chiller. The points below should help you select a company that delivers what you need.

Your Chiller Company Must be Service-Led

Even if you are buying new equipment, look for a service-led company. Chillers require regular maintenance to prolong the life of the equipment and give you the maximum return on your investment, companies that do not prioritize chiller servicing will not be the company to use in the long term.

Choose a company that not only sells chillers but understands all about their installation, maintenance, and how you want to use them.

Use a chiller company that provides an end to end solution, so you can choose total chiller service support if you want this option. Service level agreements should be provided on a flexible basis as customers vary in the way they operate and have different needs.

Look for a company that offers preventative maintenance plans with no tie in or advance payments. The chiller company you select should have a quality service team that is a company focused and technology-driven to support your after-sales requirements.

Water and glycol maintenance solutions should be provided to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your cooling system as well as access to water treatment specialists who will offer a full water treatment package, protecting your company and personnel from the effects of Legionnaires disease.

Be Savvy and Use a Company that Offers Real Value for Money

The company you select should offer transparent and simple cost structures, with no hidden costs or large advance payments.

Some of the very large chiller service companies have large overheads. Smaller companies can offer products, installation, and chiller service at a more moderate cost, as they have lower overheads.

Chiller companies that have low repeat call ratios by providing quality service with fewer callbacks keep their costs competitive and save you the frustration of waiting around for another callback.

Choosing a company that has links with fan coil unit manufacturers to explain different options. This will clearly help you to select a practical solution that provides real value for money and that delivers the outcomes.

Check that you will be given all the appropriate technical documentation and certificates after the handover if purchasing equipment as well as a proper handover, with staff training.

Choose a Chiller Company That is Customer Orientated

Be wary of companies that hide costs or demand advance payments. Ask any chiller service company you are considering using if they have a 24 hour day, seven days a week service support desk. You will not wish to face long queues waiting for help through a foreign call center or waiting for the office to open if you have a problem with your chiller. Customer focus should be a core value.

Health and Safety Must be a Priority

Health and safety responsibilities should always be taken extremely seriously. All organizations have a legal obligation to ensure that contractors and chiller service providers are working safely on their premises. Therefore, all technical service engineers should be expected to work with a safety-first attitude. Reputable chiller service companies are audited by and accredited to the Safe Contractor Scheme.

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