Why You Should Use a Fan Coil Unit [Uses and Advantages]

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Why You Should Use a Fan Coil Unit [Uses and Advantages]

A fan coil is a device that is designed by fan coil unit manufacturers for either heating or cooling the room. Recirculated indoor air passes through the coil, which heats or cools it before recirculating it back into the room. Fan coil systems can be used for heating, cooling, or both, and they don’t require any ducting.

FCUs are less expensive to install than ducted air management units because of their simplicity. Traditionally, fan coil units were noisy and might cause vibrations; however, today’s FCUs are sleek, silent, and cause vibration and are heat-insulated. Fan coil units have a simple mechanism. The pipe produces either hot or cold water, depending on the season of the year.

A chilled water fan coil unit is used in systems that need large cooling capacities, such as supermarkets, industrial processes, and more.

Why you should use Fan Coil Unit?

This unit offers ideal functionality in the areas where heating or cooling requirements are on a room-by-room basis such as showrooms, offices, and hotel rooms. These units are used to act on the air to suit the temperature requirements of immediate space. They use the advanced electronic commutated motors (ECM) and low voltage DC to make sure the peak electrical energy savings in your HVAC unit.

Installation of freestanding fan coil units, on walls or ceilings, or encased in trenches around the perimeter of a room is a viable option to place your unit. Customizable finishes entice buyers to expect highly unique condominiums.

These units provide efficient heating and cooling. The coil exchanger of this unit is made of aluminum fins and copper pipe. The fan coil can get an extremely low thermal inertia because of the low water capacity. Thus, the room is heated or cooled quickly. There are efficient and incredible units.

Advantages of Fan Coil Units:

  • There are energy-efficient, which means they reduce the cost of heating and cooling expenses.
  • They are available in customizable designs.
  • These units are flexible.
  • They can be placed across the entrance door.
  • These units can heat and cool the place exactly where you require.
  • These are installed easily.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • They are cleaned easily.
  • As compared to the noises of previous units, recent units are silent.
  • These are ideal for saving space.
  • They have low air turbulence, so fewer dust particles will come into the room from the unit.

These are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

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