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Your structures or buildings have an objective. They are areas for individuals and corporates to live or work and facilities for healing or learning, Venues for shopping and entertainment, dedicated places for the specific storage of mission-critical data or tangible goods. Your buildings, overall, have a vast variety of operations and they are critical to your mission. This is where Chiller unit HVAC of Taizhou MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co., Limited comes in.

Every facility which is substantial needs substantial and efficient climate control. Today, MECO offers one of the largest portfolios of Chiller unit HVAC in China and around the world. You can see and find our solutions the best at work and in offices & factories, in stores and warehouses, in education campuses and hospitals, in hotels and apartment buildings.

Our wide portfolio of chilling controls and solutions is based on a foundation of expertise and innovation that dates back over a decade when our founders invented the first Fan Coil Unit. Whether you are building a new facility or refurbishing an old one, we offer and deliver comfort with cost-effective and sustainable efficiency.

 Chiller unit HVAC Manufacturer in China

We help in driving the results that matter the most. Through a range of fan coil and chilling systems and solutions, we shape your buildings smarter and livable. A building which is smarter is safer, comfortable, more efficient, and, finally, more sustainable. Smarter buildings, most importantly, let you intensely focus on your mission. Through our Chiller unit HVAC, we make buildings better for people, for your bottom line and ultimately for our planet.

At MECO, we have been providing commercial air conditioning technology and related product and services since 2002. Our capabilities, innovation experience, and global reach are on rising trend ever since. Today, we provide one of the largest portfolios of technologies, software, chilling products and services. We transform environments where individuals can work, learn life, and play.

From optimizing performance to enhancing comfort and improving safety, we squeeze the results. Dedicated to environment protection, we deliver our products in industries like education, healthcare, data centres, and manufacturing facilities.


Surround air flowing, fashion design, distinctive
Air volume range: 340m³/h~2720m³/h
Cooling capacity range: 1800W~14400W
remote controller is standard, can choose 4-pipe system and BLDC motor is optional

Product Introduction
1 Surround air flowing which can substantially reduce the non-blowing area.
2 Thin design units which can be installed in a limit ceiling (the Min. Thickness is 240mm).
3 Remote controller is standard and wire controller is optional
5 Excellent performance-Integral C type heat exchanger, blue fin
6 BLDC motor is optional
7 Excellent performances-the dependable solution of draining the condensed water
8 High lift water drained pump (750mm high lift water drain pump which make the installation of condensate water pipe more flexible
9 Float switch inside to prevent from leaking
10 MECO surround blowing cassette fan coil unit have central control solution. We add Mod-buts agreement with the control of the unit which can access intelligent building system.
11 Fresh air can be inputted from outside.
12 Left/right water tube connection can be selected
13 Air-cleaning function can be selected, we offer negative ion generator as optional parts.
14 4-tube system is optional
15 Water valve can be installed inside the unit.