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MECO was established in 2002 in Zhejiang province, China. For over the last ten years, it has become a widely known brand among energy-saving fan coil unit manufacturers in China and globally. Continuous development, new product innovation and top production quality are few of the driving forces behind our growth as an FCU HVAC company.

A fan coil unit (FCU) is a straightforward machine consisting of a cooling or heating coil and fan. It is a component of an HVAC system installed in commercial, and industrial structures. In a wide sample size, a fan coil unit comes out as a useful device for temperature adjustment in the space where it is fixed, or serve various spaces and not associate to ductwork.

Fan coil units are designated to offer local chilling and warming for several years. Also, there are still multiple positive attributes that justify the need of a fan coil unit system from reliable fan coil unit manufacturers like us

Fan Coil Unit Manufacturers In China

MECO pursues the ideals of environment protection, offering physical comfort and adapting energy-saving courses into the whole phase of manufacturing, product R&D, and service. With everything from ducted units and distinct stackable configurations – all in capacities and multiple models– our fan coil units offer exceptional availability and flexibility; thus separate us from other fan coil unit manufacturers.

Building owners along with engineers these days are concerned with problems like CFC and indoor air quality that generally need high performance from each component of the fan coil unit. Besides, the renovation has taken place of new construction in the market of fan coil units—requiring a design, which can cater to renovation problems. MECO’s fan coil units adhere to the standards of today’s industry and anticipate tomorrow’s needs. These air heating items offer top-quality controls for flexibility construction and efficient operation that ensure seamless installation along with service.

Our fan coil units cover commercial, residential, and close control air-conditioner are produced as per worldwide generally accepted standards. Quality as per international standards is our core principle from which we never deviate.


AC motor, 304 stainless steel water drain pan (50mm deep), double discharge water pump design; inlet and outlet pipe diameter ZG3 / 4 “, standard equipped with wire controller

Air volume range: 1360m³/h~2380m³/h

Cooling capacity range: 7200W~14400W

Product Introduction

1 Marine fan coil to meet the marine environment and marine characteristics
2 204 stainless steel water pan, anti-corrosion. The depth of the water pan shall be 50mm, and the depth of the water pan shall be increased to prevent the condensate leakage caused by the turbulence on the ship.
3 Double discharge water pump design ensures reliable drainage of condensate