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Tai Zhou MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co. Limited (MECO) is a leading FCU HVAC supplier with comprehensive and competitive strength.

A fan coil unit (FCU) is among those devices that use a fan and a coil to cool or heat a room without ductwork connection. Air that exists inside moves over the coil that cools or heats the air before throwing it back into the room. FCUs might be less expensive for installation compared to ducted systems. FCU HVACs are available in floor-mounted, ceiling,Chiller and freestanding configurations.

Our Fan Coil Units (FCU) are available in a range of configurations designed for energy-saving operations along with design flexibility. As a quality FCU HVAC supplier, we use materials of the highest quality. Our manufacturing practices too are of top-notch quality.

Utilizing optional ECM motors, our FCUs are of high efficiency while offering improved interior air quality. High-quality maintenance means our FCUs meet all building and energy standards to remain as a par FCU HVAC supplier.

High Quality FCU HVAC Supplier In China

Since each project is unique with distinctive requirements outside of inherent comfort to space, configurations of our FCU are available with a variety of options and accessories like personalized valve packages and personalized sheet metal to form a custom design specific to the project needs.

From 100% unit inspection of crucial components to complete product safety inspection, we implement programmable assembly line operation and strong Quality Control (QC) in every process. What’s more? MECO set up the required temperature difference to ensure every product is running normally and stably.

MECO focuses on the R&D fan coil units and light commercial air-conditioner. We also do OEM for several central air conditioner companies in China and abroad. MECO products are sold successfully to more than 30 countries including Europe; Middle East; South America; Africa, Southeast Asia etc.

Being a reliable FCU HVAC supplier, we try to make people feel comfortable while in their homes. We make the air coil unit, and duct indoor unit dryer, cleaner, warmer, and better with an innovative framework that is energy efficient and exceptionally quiet. All production is possible due to dealers with the skills, expertise and resources to serve you in the best way.


ceiling conceal type fan coil unit, can be installed by vertical or horizontal
Air volume range: 340m³/h~2380m³/h
Cooling capacity range: 1800W~12600W
4-pipe system is optional
Product Introduction
1 Universal design
The universal type fan coil unit can meet different installation demands. The unit can be installed vertically or horizontal.
2 The “L” style drain pan is a core part which can let the universal type fan coil unit be installed at a horizontal or vertical angle or even any angle between 0~90 degree. The PVC drain pan have two water out let. The hollow structure design can enhance the thermal insulation properties, at the same time to prevent from leaking.
3 Completely model
Our universal type fan coil unit have 6 style air flowing can be selected.
4 Left-Right water pipe connections can be changed freely.
*The unit is supplied as standard with connections to the coil on the left.
It is possible however to turn the coil round before installation so that the connections are on the right.
It is the same to change from right connection to left connection.
5 Different kinds of controllers can be choose
Our standard universal type fan coil unit is without any controller. We have 3 kinds of the controller can be chosen to pre-install into the unit. Customers can choose: 3-speed selector, LED thermostat, and touch screen thermostat.