High static pressure duct type fan coil unit


High static pressure, long distance air supply
Air volume range: 1360m³/h~4080m³/h
Cooling capacity range: 7200W~21600W
Static pressure: 120pa
4-pipe system is optional

Product Introduction
1 Elegant out looking design can be flame plating. Not only for conceal installation but also can be used as decorative fan coil unit.
2 high static pressure, long distance air supply.
3 High quality purple copper, with high diathermanous efficiency, tenacity and rigidity characteristic to bear high hydraulic pressure especially, suits super high building use.
4 Adopt high class panels, with plastic sprayed on the surface, therefore it is smooth and shiny rusty-proof as well Introducing one-off pressed forming technique, there is no welding line and point deal with heat preservation to assure the tray flat and compact avoiding quadratic leakage
5 Big diameter fan, big air volume, low noise.
6 Electric heater is optional
7 Fresh air can be input from outside. .
8 Easily interfaced with most widely used Mod-bus and proprietary supervisory system based on mod-bus protocol.