Hydronic fan coil unit

Hydronic Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer

From design to huge project retrofit, Taizhou MECO Refrigeration Equipment Co., Limited has almost every kind and size covered when it comes to hydronic fan coil unit. Being one of the top manufacturers of these high-demand yet smaller units, we provide you with the widest design range and options to match your installation or to fulfill your replacement requirement.

A hydronic fan coil unit is a device that takes the heat from hot water and transforms it into a forced-air duct. The process is done with a heat exchanger along with a blower. Forced air cooling can be accomplished using chilled water in the same pattern.

These fan coil units are often utilized to maintain air conditioning in buildings that contain hydronic in-floor heating, in connection with a liquid heat pump, or other hydronic heating frameworks. They can be used to give multiple-zone cooling and heating too; for example in retrofit applications in which in-floor heating installation is impractical.

Hydronic Fan Coil Unit System Supplier

We are committed from the inception regarding the protection health and safety of buildings and people while offering sustainable solutions to maintain industry leadership. As a fan coil unit leader, we seize the unique opportunity to create a difference in green initiatives while creating awareness for the next generation to improve efficiencies further.

We want to create a more environment-friendly and sustainable world for all. Climate change is a pressing issue these days and we have a resolve to solve it. Our fan units create a refreshing and tranquil working environment that is more than livable for mankind.

We have a target to be the expert in manufacturing and designing high-quality fan coil unit systems. We believe in the concept of quality which is our life. We are a professional, efficient, and meticulous production and service company, and quality is an integral part of our eternal pursuit and we never deviate from the path of quality. We have the vision to meet people’s needs and give them comfortable life by providing green, energy-saving, and environment-friendly fan coil units.


Four side air blowing, which can uniform temperature distribution in the room

Air volume range: 680m³/h~3000m³/h

Cooling capacity range: 3800W~17000W

4-pipe system is optional

Product Introduction
1 Customizable metal griller air inlet design, easy to fit with the decoration style

2 4-side air flowing,which can uniform temperature distribution in the room

3 Condensate water drain pump is optional

4 All the key parts are easy to maintain from the air inlet grille

5 Quiet running

6 Fresh air can be input from outside

7 Electrostatic dust sanitiser is optional (Drained by nature style)

8 Can connect duct and link with diffuser

Hydronic Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer

Hydronic Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer

9 The models with big air volume is fitable for the projects which have big space