M style 4 way cassette type fan coil unit


4-way air flowing, which can uniform temperature distribution in the room
Air volume range: 380m³/h~2720m³/h
Cooling capacity range: 2000W~15000W
remote controller is standard, 4-pipe system is optional.

Product introduction
1 Distinctive panel design
4-way air flowing, which can uniform temperature distribution in the room. Elegant appearance can let our fan coil unit match different decoration style.
2 The dimension of M1 unit is only 590*590mm, which can be installed in a standard ceiling opening. In addition the thickness is 240mm
3 Specially panel design to avoid air-short flowing.
4 Remote controller is standard and wire controller is optional
5 Excellent performance-Integral C type heat exchanger
6 BLDC motor is optional
Our M style DC motor cassette type fan coil unit use Panasonic BLDC motor which take higher efficiency and more energy saving than AC motor. Using DC motor can get distinct energy conservation than normal AC motor.
7 Excellent performances-the dependable solution of draining the condensed water
8 High lift water drained pump (750mm)
9 Float switch inside to prevent from leaking
10 The structure of the unit is easy for maintaining fan and fan motor.
11 Easily interfaced with most widely used Mod-bus and proprietary supervisory system based on Mod-bus protocol.
12 Left/right water tube connection can be selected
13 Air-cleaning function can be selected, we offer negative ion generator as optional parts.
14 4-tube system is optional
15 Water valve can be installed inside the unit.