Slim type ceiling conceal duct fan coil unit


The product is only 200mm thickness, which is adapt a narrow installation space, new design of ceiling conceal duct type fan coil unit.
Air volume range: 340m³/h~1200m³/h
Cooling capacity range: 2000W~6300W

Product introduction
1 Ultra slim design: the machine body is only 200mm which is adapt a narrow installation space. Good looking.
2 Left and right water pipe connection can be changed which makes the installation easier.
3 Our slim conceal duct fan coil unit have air return box, the style of air return box can be changed easily.
4 Using plastic fan reduce the running noise.
5 Air volumes from 510~1360m³/h
6 High efficiency heat exchanger which made by copper tube and aluminum fins, famous brand motor makes the unit high working efficiency and long working life.
7 Condensate water drain pump is optional.
8 EC/DC motor is optional