Ultra thin vertical type fan coil unit


Ultra thin design the width of the body is only 130mm
Air volume range: 200m³/h~600m³/h
Cooling capacity range: 1000W~3600W
2 pipe system unit, Thermostat build-in, BLDC motor is optional

Product Introduction
1 Ultra-thin design, the width of the body is only 130mm
2 Modern industrial style, exquisite manufacturing technology and elegant surface. It is cater to modern decoration style.
3 Using the cross flow fan, optimization of pipeline design. Strong wind and elegant running.
4 The wind guide strip is installed with damping. It can manually adjust the angle of the wind.
5 Hidden intelligent LED temperature controller which is elegant appearance and easy to use.
6 Cold wind protection system. It can stop the cold wind blow out when the water temperature in pipe is too cold.
7 Left-right water pipe and electric control box can be changed to both side. Easy for installing work and reduce the dependence on inventory.
8 The side metal plate can be removed before installation which make pipe connection easier.
9 The filter of this product is easy to change.
10 2-way valve and 3-way valve is optional which can decrease the cost of installation.
11 The product can installed by floor standing with leg or hanging on the wall without leg
12 Panasonic DC brushless motor is optional